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Our Team

Vassilina Lapteva Walford, Founder & Managing Director 

PaymentVibes is a boutique consultancy company, founded by Vassilina Lapteva Walford, building on her 20 years’ experience in Luxury Retail and Fintech and Payments.

Through her experience in building best-in-class payments organisations, Vassilina gained a deep understanding of the far-reaching opportunities that payment innovation brings to companies, as well as of the constantly evolving challenges that require a multifaceted expertise in customer-centric payment solutions, technology, finance, security and regulatory compliance. She also realised that many businesses have yet to grasp the full potential of payments. This led to creation of PaymentVibes with the mission to empower businesses to seize game-changing opportunities in the rapidly evolving world of Payments and Fintech.

Leonardo Lins

Leonardo Lins, Head of Fraud Prevention

Leonardo Lins is an experienced fraud professional in the field of e-commerce fraud prevention, with over 12 years of hands-on experience in designing and implementing robust strategies to safeguard online businesses from fraudulent activities. As the Head of Fraud Prevention at leading global e-commerce enterprises from travel, luxury and crypto industries, I have played a pivotal role in shaping and executing comprehensive fraud mitigation programs.