Seamless Payments: The Connecting Thread in Omnichannel Retail

Winning in an omnichannel world demands excelling in all channels, from in-person to hybrid, inside sales, digital self-serve, and marketplaces. According to McKinsey the average shopper now interacts with retailers through multiple touchpoints before making a purchase decision. This number has doubled from five touchpoints just a few years ago, indicating the growing complexity of the customer journey.
The success of an omnichannel strategy hinges on efficient service offerings and meticulous stock management to ensure product availability across all channels. However, what appears seamless on the front end necessitates a coherent and connected approach on the back-end. A critical component of a well-executed omnichannel strategy involves the integration of payment systems, to ensure that shoppers can easily complete transactions regardless of the channel they choose.

Navigating the Payment Opportunity: The Rise of the Chief Payment Officer

Navigating in payment opportunity

The payments’ era we once knew is gone. It has transformed completely, even if some of the legacy systems and mindsets are holding on, they are heading towards obsolescence. Just look around us – Omnichannel Customer Journeys, Digital Identification, Mobile Checkouts, Blockchain-based KYC, Wallets, Cryptos, Embedded Finance, Biometry, Open Banking etc. All these trends with […]

Unlocking Business Growth through Payment Data

Payment Data

In a rapidly evolving landscape of unified commerce, the strategic use of payment data has become a powerful accelerator for businesses to gain a competitive edge and drive growth. Payment data analytics play a crucial role in making informed decisions that can directly impact a company’s top and bottom lines. Understanding the different types of […]

The Evolution of Direct-to-Consumer Payments: Trends and Strategies for Business Growth

As technology continues to revolutionise the way we conduct transactions, direct-to-consumer (DTC) payments have undergone a remarkable transformation. Businesses must adapt to evolving consumer preferences and embrace innovative payment solutions to stay competitive and DTC is a real driver in this evolving space. As Founder of PaymentVibes, I want to look at DTC payments, explore […]