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Our Solutions

Navigate the path to a future-proof organization with our payment expertise. As independent payment consultants – with deep knowledge of every facet of payment value-chain – we are committed to support companies in developing strategies that drive customer acquisition, retention, and loyalty, while simultaneously enhancing financial performance, security, and compliance.


Payments became a critical component of retail value chain where customer experience is the new gold, frictionless payments drive sales conversion and payment technologies enable rapid go-to-market and scalable growth. A well-defined and executed payment strategy that encompasses the entire payment value chain is a key enabler for companies to gain competitive edge

We will help you:

  • Formulate your vision & strategy for payments that aligns with your business strategic priorities
  • Establish a target operating model to effectively execute your payment strategy
  • Identify the right payment solutions that align with your unique business model
  • Develop an effective communication strategy tailored to key stakeholder groups
  • Create a strategic roadmap to guide your payment initiatives

customer experience

The paradigm shift in customer expectations for shopping ANYTIME, ANYWHERE and on ANY DEVICE positions payments as a strategic lever of growth. By strategically leveraging the power of payments, companies can develop and execute digital strategies that deliver an unparalleled payment experience across all customer touchpoints.  

We will help you:

  • Respond to rapidly evolving customer expectations in payments services for frictionless digital purchasing experience across all channels
  • Establish robust omnichannel payment foundations to enhance the speed of go-to-market for new digital payment services
  • Identify new payment methods and services based on your customer demographics and segmentation
  • Optimise your customer acquisition, conversion and retention strategies
  • Streamline and digitise user experience and operational processes throughout organisation


Payment data is an untapped value for retailers. By understanding and monitoring relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), merchants can effectively acquire new customers, increase customer spending, enhance return on investment (ROI) of their marketing campaigns and loyalty programs, optimise fees and improve vendor strategies.

We will help you:

  • Evaluate your payment processes and determine relevant payment KPIs for your unique business model
  • Elevate customer experience through analytics that assess conversion rates, channel performance and effectiveness of payment methods and services
  • Improve effectiveness of your acquisition, retention, and loyalty strategies by analysing data related to customer lifecycle management, customer acquisition costs and customer shopping behaviour
  • Enable better data-driven decisions by gaining insights into customer behaviour across all sales channels


Leveraging payment technologies and data analytics are essential for retailers to combat fraud while maximising acceptance of legitimate transactions. By developing an effective technology strategy, harnessing data intelligence, and establishing effective organisational structures, retailers can strike the right balance between revenue generation and risk management in an automated and scalable way.

We will help you:

  • Enhance fraud management decisioning and improve financial performance by increasing sales and protecting your bottom line
  • Scale up fraud prevention operations through automation in approval rates, fraud detection and chargeback management
  • Elevate customer experience in an era of expanding digital payments and omnichannel journeys
  • Gain valuable insights and understanding from key performance indicators (KPIs) related to fraud prevention
  • Stay updated on the rapid developments in trends and regulations within the industry


As an independent consultancy company, we assist you in selecting payment services providers that align with your business model and operational needs. Our commitment to objectivity means we maintain independence from commercial relationships with payment providers to provide unbiased vendor assessment and selection.

We will help you:

  • Collect and analyse your business requirements, ensuring they align with your business model, sales channels and target markets
  • Translate your business requirements into specific capabilities and prepare the required documentation for the tender process
  • Offer a clear and comprehensive overview of each vendor, along with recommendations on which vendor(s) would be the most suitable partners for your business
  • Achieve satisfactory and sustainable outcome through our support in negotiating the contractual agreements


In the world of payments, numerous functions within a company are impacted, ranging from business and technology teams to finance back-office, legal and security. Successful implementation of payment projects, whether upgrading existing systems or introducing new solutions, requires strong project governance and coordinated project management to ensure seamless execution while addressing the diverse needs of stakeholders involved.

We will help you:

  • Gather business requirements and develop a compelling business case to secure support from key business partners
  • Define project objectives, governance and milestones and validate them with key stakeholders to establish alignment
  • Coordinate project delivery within the agreed budget and timeline
  • Effectively communicate project progress with key stakeholders, fostering transparency and maintaining engagement throughout the implementation process